Waiting to see what the week brings!

I am slightly anxiously awaiting any sort of indication that we maybe could start meds at the end of this week... we'd have so much to get done and I still haven't heard back on my labs or endo biopsy, and I've yet to see a draft of the contract so I'm not holding my breath - but part of me can't help but hope! :)

My niece turned 4 this past weekend... I can't believe how big she's getting! I wish I could've been there (in Washington) for the party... I am glad for Facebook and getting to see pictures! :)

I ordered and sent Fiona's birthday present too - she will be TWO YEARS OLD next Monday! Holy moly time flies!

I spent a lot of this past weekend with Vicki - we had a blast!! We did a photo shoot on Friday evening at my house (her friend is a photographer), "boudoir or pinup" style photos for our guys which I would NEVER have had the nerve to do without her there - it was so much more fun to do with a friend! We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner afterwards which was SO yummy, it was nice to have a good steak! Kent spent that afternoon and evening with his great grandmother so I had the whole evening to myself, it was nice and peaceful!

These are the kind of pictures she took - I love the sepia tones she did on some of them:

Early Saturday afternoon after Kent was home, we headed over to Vicki's and went with her and Johnny to Lake Wedowee again where her parents spend their weekends. We had a great time! It was a little overcast, so I didn't realize how much sun I was getting until the end of the day when I had a nice lobster tinge to my previously PALE white legs... yikes! Thankfully its pretty much all faded to a pretty color by now, though the tops of my thighs are still a little pink and sore since they have had pretty much NO sun exposure this summer up until Saturday. We floated by the dock for a little while, then Vicki's dad took us on their pontoon boat out to what is pretty much a little island and sandbar that stretches out quite a ways into the lake. It was really cool! Kent found a puppy and some kids to splash around with and Vicki and I floated, chatted and tanned. It got really chilly towards the end with all the clouds covering the sun (and Vicki kept getting "Black Hole Sun" stuck in my head) and we were ready to head back when her dad came back to pick us up. We had a wonderful potluck dinner with their friends (and I totally stuffed myself - it was SO good)!

We headed back and got home pretty late, Kent went straight to bed and slept good that night!

Sunday we met up with Donna and Honey (mother in law and grandmother in law) at IHOP for breakfast which was a nice treat! I enjoyed my strawberry banana pancakes very much. I haven't had pancakes in AGES! I did pretty good about enjoying my splurges without going overboard too much this weekend, and the scale says I still lost some weight so I don't think I did any damage which is good!

Donna helped get our new lawnmower home, and I spent most of Sunday afternoon (off and on) figuring out how to get it out of the box and assembled! Kent and I also ran back out and I got an IPOD nano - I wanted to get one anyway (Kenneth got the massive one we bought about 6 months ago to take with him, and I just wanted a small one for work/working out), but now that I'm going to be mowing the yard on a regular basis I definitely wanted to get one sooner rather than later. We also stopped and petted puppies out front of PetSmart... saw a CUTE Boston Terrier and some sweet kitties... I was mildly tempted... but the craziness that seems to consume me about 6 months after we acquire another animal hasn't hit me YET... I am hoping it stays away this time (I would bring them ALL home if I could, but since I'm not home with them all day, I just don't think its fair to the dogs)!

Yesterday I did crockpot baby back ribs, WOW!! They came out GREAT! I was surprised and very pleased. It is the first time I've done them that way (I usually oven cook most of the day and then finish them on the grill). Crock pot was super easy, and I was really happy with how tender and flavorful they were, even without rubbing them the day before. I will definitely be doing that again!

Tonight we're doing a Dinner A'Fare stuffed flank steak and baked potatoes and broccoli... YUMMY! :)


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