Quick Check In

L sent me a quick note this AM to let me know the appointment she had yesterday went well, I think to go over the "game plan" for cycling with her, I'm not sure what all they talked about. But she said it went well and she was feeling optimistic about everything working out. Now we wait for my period to arrive and go from there. I let her know my cycle is going long again as I haven't even ovulated yet, so we've got another 3 weeks or so before we can get any calendar's in place. Maybe they're waiting for my cycle to show up before inducing her period... I'm not really sure.

She hasn't heard anything more on contracts either, but I let her know Kenneth will be in town at the end of next week so if its at all possible to get it together by then, it would be ideal since he'd be here to sign in person which would uncomplicate things. :) We shall see! I'm not worried about it, either way, since we're not in a rush for anything which is nice.

Last night I did a P90X workout, I decided to stay "in" for my workout instead of going for a walk. I was pretty tired yesterday, and I wanted to give my shins a break too. I worked up a nice sweat. Today is Weight Watchers Week 6 weigh in. We'll see - I should hopefully be at or just over 5lbs lost since my first Weight Watchers weigh in, I feel like it should be more than that, that I'm doing everything right - but I can't make it happen any faster then it is, and I'm doing things the right way, and feel good about that. I'm just impatient.

I got the first comment from someone at work yesterday asking if I'd lost weight, which is always a good confidence booster as well. I'm not that far from my lowest weight that I was at about 4 years ago exactly; I'm hoping it won't take too much longer to be down to that - I'm guessing about 5 more pounds since most of the clothes fit again, but they're still fairly tight even if I can zip them out without too much struggle; I want to fit comfortably in them again and I'm not quite there yet. Getting there though! :)


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