A peaceful evening

Honey decided to keep Kent for the day and overnight, so its just little 'ol me at home tonight. I came home and wanted to get some exercise in but am burning out on the "in front of the TV" workouts and have been looking for things I can do outside, taking walks with the dogs, etc. So, tonight I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and pulled my freshly charged new electric start pushmower out of the garage and fiddled around with it a little and started it up and off I went, tearing around the front yard (we have a decent sized hill, thank goodness for self propel)! I got the whole thing finished and part of the side yard in about 45 minutes and was drenched in sweat afterwards, and its overcast outside so that was all me! I was surprised it didn't take longer than that. I could have done the back yard too, but I was ready to come in and enjoy my quiet time (plus, mowing the back yard is one of Kent's chores so he can earn some extra fun money).

I enjoyed pan searing a nice thick sirloin I marinated yesterday with some barbecue and jack daniels (makes the meat nice and tender!) and cooked some fresh spinach to go with it and now I am full and happy and kicking back with my puppies watching a movie. It is nice to have my exercise out of the way before bed time, I feel like I have so much time left! Maybe I can finish up the book I am reading before its time for bed.

So that's my quiet evening... it's peaceful but I miss Kent too - though I know he's having a great time with Honey! :)


  1. Did ya'll not get any of the rain? It rained all afternoon here, like pouring!


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