Hungry but full

Last night and this morning were one of those times where I had a very STRONG reminder that I am a gastric bypass patient. Last night we had pork loin and I had steamed spinach with it. I ate about 3-4 ounces of the meat with the intention of eating about another ounce or so, to keep me full (since it doesn't take much of a solid protein to fill my pouch up) and then I'd have my veggies for something green. I probably should have cooked the meat longer to make it more tender, and chewed better but I didn't so it didn't take long until all of a sudden my pouch was feeling very uncomfortably full and a couple times I thought I might loose my dinner. The very oddest part was only the top part of my stomach (my pouch) was full, I could feel the rest of my body feeling hungry still - I can't really say my stomach was grumbling because food bypasses that pretty much now, but this morning I woke up to grumblings of some sort and this empty feeling. I have had that empty feeling all morning, and at the same time my pouch still has that uncomfortably full feeling and is sensitive. I've had to fight back the urge to throw up a couple times even though there isn't really anything in there at this point (although it is possible something from last night got stuck, causing all of the upset). The achy empty feeling is getting annoying! I started with liquids to see if they would go down ok, and had a Light Caramel Frappaccino from Starbucks, which was yummy and went down fine, and I sipped some Powerade Zero and that went down fine. I moved onto a small bowl of cereal, and it all went down fine but nothing has touched this empty hollow achy feeling! I don't know what my body wants, but it definitely seems to want something.

The joys of bypass surgery after-math!

Maybe I'll try something warm to drink and see if that helps at all, or maybe it just really wants some food... maybe I'll try a Luna bar or a bagel and see if some carbs touches it.

Only 4 more days 'til I get to see Kenneth again, and it's FRIDAY! Yay! :) We've got another pretty busy weekend planned; mall tomorrow morning to get some long put-off shopping done, and Johnny's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in the evening. On Sunday at some point I have to run over to Honey's and drop off my sister in laws birthday card; with everyone in the midst of moving right now it's pretty much impossible to get them all together at one place at one time, but I'm hoping to at least bump into April while they're back in Atlanta for the weekend and say happy birthday!


  1. I remember briefly hearing you say before that you had GB but it didnt sink in til just now, that is crazy!

    What mall are you going to? I have went to the mall of ga, north decatur, and the one in tucker and haven't really been too excited by any of them...

  2. I will be going to the Kennesaw Mall - Town Center; its my favorite. :)

  3. Hi...I stumbled upon your blog today due to the GS tag but I didn't realize you had gastric bypass too. The meat always does me in too LOL.
    I had gastric bypass in 2002 and I am very jealous of you. :) Because of poor habits I gained some weight back but nearly as much as I lost and I am struggling to lose some now in hopes of becoming a GS early next year. Thanks for posting about your life!


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