Any Chance?

When I was at my saline sono, Stacy (our coordinator) said if we were going to cycle with this next period I'd need to start lupron on the 18th and we still need L to have a period and get contracts done - so I assume we'll start meds the 21st day after my next period. I told L all of that, and both of us are hoping at least a little that maybe by some miracle we can squeeze it all in and her body will cooperate too - we will see! She put a call into the attorney's office to find out how quickly they can move and I guess we'll go from there!

I am looking forward to seeing a draft, since I haven't worked with Ruth Claiborne before I'm not really sure what to expect in terms of the layout and wording in the contract.

I'm hoping we'll get it soon, because I have to coordinate long distance with Kenneth to get his sign off and that's going to be a little more complicated.


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