Cycling next month :)

Well we will be waiting at least 'til my next period before starting meds, L had her baseline bloodwork and the levels were higher than they wanted them to be, so they can't use this period and will wait for her next one. The coordinator told me its actually probably a good thing my cycles are long, because I'm going to have to be on lupron longer than normal to shut my cycle down while we wait for L's next period (they can't use BCPs with her to control her cycle), and I probably won't have to be on it as long since my period still won't show up for another 3-4 weeks or so, depending on when I actually ovulate.

So now we move forward with contracts, which I got my first draft of yesterday. I read through it and sent a few questions to L and a couple things that were missing to the attorney and I'll wait for the next draft and then forward to Kenneth for him to look over. I'm also waiting to get his Will and Power of Attorney back from the attorney that was working for the unit; Kenneth missed out the day the attorney was there at the unit - but I called him and he let me overnight it to him for execution and he's going to send it back. I'm kind of hoping, just maybe, the POA will be valid for contract sign-off and I won't have to try to send this to Kenneth long distance. We'll see what Ruth says.

I still haven't heard back on any of my labs, cultures or the endo biopsy results! When I talked to Stacy at RBA yesterday they were still waiting on all of those items, for some reason the lab is being slow.

It is beautiful outside right now, and I wish I could be out in the sunshine and feel that breeze on my skin - a couple more hours and hopefully it will still be nice enough to drive home with the windows down. We've been having afternoon/evening storms the last couple days but it is still usually nice in the early afternoon.

I haven't done a work out video in a couple days - though I've been doing other forms of exercise, just not in front of the TV; I was getting bored and really wanted to be physical in a more natural setting, but I think tonight a good cardio workout will feel good.

I'm going to make tacos for Kent and have mine without the tortilla - I bought these baked lays Scoops that go great with the chicken; like miniature taco salads (with lots of tomato and lettuce piled on top)! Yummy!

Last nights Dinner A'Fare stuffed flank steak was AWESOME!! It was so yummy, Kent really loved it too (and he tends to be on the picky side when it comes to new things) - and it was so nice and easy to prepare since it was oven baked. I haven't had a potato in awhile either, and the bakers I'd bought were really good! It was nice to have a good homemade satisfying dinner. I need to check my freezer and see how many Dinner A'Fare meals I have left, I think it might be about time to go again! Yay! :)


  1. What is Dinner A Fare? Share woman! I am down 12 lbs as of today, but dang I am seriously craving CARBS! UGH this is hard, is it the lupron?

    My labs were all done thru Quest and were back in a week...were yours thru lab corp? that might be why...


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