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Vicki got the news yesterday that John's appointment results were not what we all hoped for, the S.A. count showed 5 million sperm, normal motility, and only 1% morphology. He was also diagnosed with variocele, but too small to operate on. The RE wants him to continue taking the fertility blend and re-test him in 6 months. She told them IVF with ICSI is possibly their best chance.

That was some pretty heavy news to hear, and Vicki and I talked a lot back and forth yesterday about the short term and long term future and checked in again this AM to see where things were at. It could change, but right now I think we're looking about taking a year or more off for John to take the meds and see what improvements can be made and also they are looking at IVF as the next step and want the extra time to think about that and save towards that as that is a big shift financially and otherwise from where we are right now.

I have already told Vicki that I am not going anywhere, I'm not looking for another match, I am their surrogate (as long as they want me) whether its now, or a year or more from now. I am so lucky and blessed that she found me, and that every day more and more I think of Vicki as my friend first and my IM second.

I am so sorry that things have not come as easily as we'd expected and hoped, and wish I could help make things easier for them, but I trust in the future when the time is right we will be able to work together to help create a miracle or two for them!


  1. They are so blessed to have you. I'm sorry for their news, I know how devestating that is. We got the exact same diagnosis last month. We're doing the same thing, just waiting to see if the supplements work. I hope all our swimmers start swimming soon!

  2. I'm so sorry hon...I looked for you on messenger but didn't see you! I know in time everything will fall into place for you all and you are wonderful to wait...not many would...your heart is coming through!

  3. (((HUGS BEKA))) Thanks so much for all your support!! Love ya!

  4. Popping in to say I was sorry for the news and I hope that those boys start 'a swimmin'!!!



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