CD 1 - Take 2! :)

Today it's officially CD1 and we're looking forward to the upcoming cycle. I feel much more "sure" this time - about our timing and game plan, and it's nice (in some ways) to know exactly what to expect and what we need to do, much less uncertainty on my part.

We made a CD15 ultrasound appt for a follicle check on April 22nd and John is getting an updated Semen Analysis done this week (just for reassurance, the last one they had done was perfect!) So now, there's not much to do but let the days tick by until we get our sneak peak. I know I'm going to be excited when it comes around! :)

We were just going over our "schedules" for the coming weekends... they're getting busy and FAST! We're having John, Vicki, and Johnny over for dinner on Saturday night and Sunday is Easter dinner with Kenneth's family. Next Saturday Vicki & I have a 10:00 am Dinner A'Fare session and Kenneth has some work function that day, and we're probably meeting in Hampton, GA for a Texas Hold 'Em get together, then next Saturday is the March for Babies!!

It's going to go fast!! We'll be in the 2ww again, in no time! :)


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