8DPO... suspense is building!

Another negative Clearblue Easy this morning, but I had the BEST good luck sign when I pulled up to Kent's daycare! I opened my door looked down and RIGHT there on the ground was a big beautiful 4-leaf clover!! Just sitting there on the pavement... I picked it up and put it in a book to press and dry it and add it to my notebook -I thought that was so cool!

We're getting closer and closer to actually being able to see a positive HPT if we are pregnant, and I'm getting excited and nervous! :)

In the middle of the night I remember waking up to my stomach growling... and then we had thunder storms and our bassett hound freaks out when there's bad weather, so he decided to let me know he was scared by coming over and putting his face in mine, breathing on me and making noise from about 2:00am on... I was not impressed. I am exhausted this morning!! I slept so good the night before and was annoyed I didn't get another good night of sleep... I'm getting tired of being so tired (unless it's for a good reason, then bring it on!) :D I also had some nausea this morning on the way in to work, and more cramps, but this time they're more like menstrual cramps all the way across instead of the twinging in that same spot... sort of a dull ache at the moment. And my temp stayed high at 98.6 now two days in a row... I can't wait to see what the next one looks like! :) So many GOOD signs and symptoms, its so hard not to get our hopes up high... but we're trying to stay positive and realistic at the same time... TRYING....

On the way to work I had to have cottage cheese for breakfast, and I can't remember the last time I've had that... so that was wierd too! It tasted good with my cantaloupe! :D

I'm so glad it's almost Friday, and then the weekend... I don't think we have anything planned and I'm looking forward to lots of resting and finishing up a ham & bean soup I started a couple days ago! I've been doing lots of cooking this week! Vicki sent us home with the rest of the ham when we had dinner last weekend, and I started making soup out of it (which Kenneth won't eat, but I love and will bring for lunch). Yesterday I almost had all of it, when I realized I couldn't find my chicken bouillon anywhere and didn't have any cans of chicken stock. So I had to get more this morning so I can finish it up, put it in containers and get it frozen (and EAT SOME)! :D

I already have dinner in the crockpot for tonight - we're doing corned beef, potatoes and carrots - sounded good to come home to on a cool day... Though after tonights dinner there will be enough leftovers for at least one or two dinners, so I probably won't get to cook again until this weekend.


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