9 DPO... annnny day now...

I know it's still early, but its at this point where I start to let worry creep in, just a little... I won't throw in the towel until AF shows her face - but I just want SO badly to see that good second line and be able to give John & Vicki HAPPY NEWS!!

This is what "testing out a trigger" on OSOMs looks like!!

Here's my test frenzy from the last couple days (4/1-4/3 7DPO through 9DPO).

This is a close up of the last 3, I got ALMOST excited when last nights was darker then the night before, but this evenings is lighter than both the previous two - so still looks like just trigger.

This is a copy of the 3 "real" tests (clearblue easy +/-) I've used the last 3 mornings with FMU. There has been a SHADOW of a line on the first two, but pretty much nothing this AM... sigh...

My temps have been good the last 3 days, a few cramps today but not much. I've been running a low grade temp the last two days as well (99.1-99.9 when I've checked)... Kenneth has been sick, but I don't feel ill, just warm often...

Still waiting on that pretty BFP!! I am praying hard we see it soon!!


  1. Hey just found your blog...ya someone who is on the same time line as me. I just had my IP's three embies transfered in on Monday the 30 of march...so I'm on the 2ww aswell. Beta for me is the 13th when's yours? Anyways just thought I would say hi and goodluck...I'll be praying for you all.


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