Results Came Back

We heard back Monday evening the results from the Semen Analysis, and John's count was down to 8 million from 10 million previously. We were all pretty bummed to hear the news, and John & Vicki are meeting with the RE today I think to discuss options, and suggestions to help improve the count, etc. Other than count, the analysis results were good (motility, etc.) so I know we'll get there eventually! :) I'm frustrated all the more with Dr. H. though, that he won't do the IUI with less than 20 million because I know people have gotten pregnant with lower counts than we're working with right now and I feel like we should at least be allowed to TRY while we're working to increase the count as well. Time goes quickly though, so I know it won't be long 'til we're able to cycle again - maybe next month, but maybe the one after probably depending on what the RE recommends and how things go when the next analysis is done. Georgia's laws preventing home insems are pretty frustrating for us all right about now! :)

Today I get to go out and take a tour at Lake Lanier where we'll be having our company picnic, and I'm looking forward to that! I've never seen it before and can't wait to see the layout of our pavilion.

Kent's CRCT testing starts today, and I forgot when my alarm went off first that I was supposed to get up to go make him breakfast so I ended up making us fairly late to leave the house - but he got a nice hot meal and I hope it gives him a little extra energy/brain boost for the testing! :) They've been practicing a lot at school and he's been doing well, and seems pretty confident this time around so I am sure he'll do great! He just needs to remember to take his time and really read the questions, he likes to rush through things!

We're trying another Dinner A'Fare meal tonight! I love that thanks to all these meals you have to thaw out in advance, I am finally making weekly meal plans and sticking to them - it has been so nice to KNOW what I'm fixing each night and know I have everything I need to fix it without having to stop at the grocery store for this or that or realizing while I'm cooking that I don't have everything I need!


  1. Sorry about the SA results :( That's stupid that you can't do home insems in GA... you guys should take a little vacation across state lines during ovulation, lol

  2. So sorry to hear about the SA results... I can't believe they won't go ahead, even with those numbers!! Most Dr's want the count to be above 4 Mil for an IUI, after all, most IUI's are done BECAUSE there is a problem of some kind and low(er) count is often an issue that IUI works for so that makes no sense!! There is a lady on the twoweekwait boards that got pg with a count of 500,000 (yes, thousand, not million!) IUI's have been successful with much less than 20 Mil! Maybe not as quick to be successful but still alot cheaper than IVF! Good luck to you all!


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