I am so glad it's Friday... I am not feeling my best today and am ready to go home and collapse for awhile! I stayed home sick yesterday because of what the doctor said is a UTI/bladder infection of some sort. There was blood and white cells in my urine and she put me on antibiotics for a week. Today I am moody and really tired, and I ate too much at lunch so overall BLAH!! :D

I saw eggwhite cervical mucous for the first time today, so I'm hoping ovulation is very close and doesn't get pushed off because of this infection and the antibiotics I'm taking. It would be nice to be on some sort of routine again!

I can't believe we're only 1 week away from May! WOW! This month really went by quickly!

Tomorrow is the March for Babies, and I'm a little nervous about the walk and being out of shape, but we'll be with Deb and the quads (depending on how they're all feeling tomorrow) so I know we'll be taking it nice and easy!

I guess I don't have too much to update on, just wanted to whine about not feeling well a little I guess... :D


  1. I hope you feel better! Enjoy the walk tomorrow, hopefully you have beautiful weather!


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