Happy almost Friday!

I am so glad this week is almost over. The first couple days were just CRAZY busy, and now I'm getting into a long term time consuming project at work, but it will be GREAT when it's all said and done.

I am feeling pretty good the last couple days!! :) Still have a teeny bit of something going on cold-wise, my chest has felt a little tight and I've had a bit of a cough off and on. Kent has been waking up with a cough too, poor kiddo!

I'm on CD9 and have been using the CBE Fertility Monitor again, and actually got a "high" reading today... we didn't ever see "high" last time, so this is new! We'll see what tomorrow shows and the rest of my bodily signs. Maybe I'll ovulate on schedule all on my own this time, fingers crossed! :)

We've been trying to figure out if there is some way we can go ahead and cycle this month without doing IUI, but the doctor won't do ICI which I think would be a good alternative, to at least try... I'm a little annoyed that he won't work with us on it, but c'est la vie, May it is... :)

John has another S.A. this Friday and we're all hoping for some good progress, I'm excited to hear the results and have my fingers crossed! :)

I'm so excited for Saturday!! Dinner A'Fare with Vicki in the morning and then Texas Hold 'Em in Hampton with Kenneth and Ellen whom I met through SMO and her family and friends! Yay! Then probably nothing on Sunday with a late night Saturday... next weekend is the March for Babies in Atlanta! Ack!! It's only 5 miles, but man I have a feeling I'm going to be hurting after... I'm so out of shape!


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