Happy Monday!

Well, as happy as Monday can be! :)

I didn't have a great start to my day, but so far Monday is going pretty well for me otherwise... it's already afternoon and I'll get to go home in about 3 hours...

We had a crazy fun and busy weekend. I met with Vicki for a quick breakfast on Saturday morning and then we went over to The Dinner A'Fare and prepped our meals (can't wait to try some of them out!! Kenneth's already requested the Steak Fajitas for Friday). Kent came too, and I let him play his Nintendo DS while we worked on our meals. Then we went home, packed up the Focus and gave the dogs an early dinner and relaxed a little. We headed out around 2:00pm which was right on schedule, and my brain must have been left at home because from that point forward there were a series of mishaps!! I drove past where I wanted to go and forgot what I was doing which added time onto the errands (I had to stop to pick up lunch at Zaxby's, get gas at Sam's Club, and grab some beer and munchies at Target). It ended up taking me 40 minutes to do those three things, when they are all practically next door to each other! And my drink got spilled all over my lap when we went through Zaxby's drive through, so I had to go into Target with a wet rear end and had a lovely diet coke stain on my jeans... So, eventually Kent and I get on the road and we were moving along pretty well. I had directions from googling the address and mapquesting it. They were wrong. The directions took me to a lawyer's office in down town Macon. I called Kenneth and after driving in a big circle finally found the right street to turn on, and after a couple illegal turns I was headed in the right direction! I was relieved to finally see him on the side of the road! From there we headed on towards Hampton for the Poker Tournament. We ran into some crappy traffic, but Kenneth knew his way around and soon we were on our way again. We arrived about an hour late, but it looked like they hadn't been playing long. The room was PACKED!! It was crazy! I set Kent up on a futon just outside the main game room with his DS and some snacks and crawled over some people to get into a back room where the "non-Poker people" were hanging out. There were 4 of us that ended up playing a very fun game of Phase 10! It was a great evening, and other than Kent spilling soda all over the futon it went pretty well!!

Sunday we took it very easy, I didn't get up until 11:00 - Kenneth brought me breakfast in bed...!! We watched some TV and napped a little in the living room too, Kent was SO grumpy all day - I think he was really tired. He went to bed right after dinner (ricotta stuffed chicken from the dinner a'fare - YUMMY!) and seemed to be feeling better this morning! They start CRCT testing on Wednesday, so he'll be getting extra sleep this week and I'll probably get up to make him a hot breakfast on the days of the tests.


  1. Our testing is called STAR, but my kids also get fresh, hot breakfasts on this week only.


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