12 DPO today

Still waiting on a 2nd line... starting to loose hope even though I know we still have a couple days to get a positive and still be well within the "normal" timeframe. At least I have the reassurance that we will know for sure one way or another probably no later than Thursday since my period usually shows up right on schedule at about 14dpo.

Vicki and I were just talking this morning about what could be causing all these symptoms I've been feeling the last few days if I'm not pregnant. The only thing I can think of for the bloating is the meds I'm on, the cramps I really have no clue other than maybe the OB dinged me with the catheter during the IUI and my uterus is irritated, and the fatigue I guess could be my progesterone level, or maybe a cold (Kenneth has been sick for over a week now). This morning I feel like I've been run over by a truck, totally worn out (even though I slept good last night and napped yesterday) having some lightheadedness and nausea too. My throat feels a little sore when I swallow, so maybe I am coming down with something!

Answer has been negative the last 2 mornings, and the OSOMs have gotten so light they're ALMOST invisible - it's amazing to see that there is still obviously a small amount of hcg in my system even 13 days after the trigger (as of last night). I'll have to take some new pics tonight of them.


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