Good Weekend!

It was a fun and busy weekend and I can't believe it's Monday again already!!

Saturday I left the house at about 6:00am and drove over to where Vicki was meeting me, and we went and picked Rochelle up and stopped at Chick Fil A for some breakfast then headed into Atlanta. We found a place to park and walked down to the Centennial Olympic Park where the March of Dimes March for Babies walkers were congregating! We registered and dropped off our fundraising sheets, got our t-shirts and then Deb and her crew arrived so we walked over to help her get the babies in the stroller (Deb has quads through GS who will be 2 next month)! It was so great to see her again and the walk was really great - the babies did awesome and we only had 1 minor meltdown which a brief break in the shade for some drinks, snacks and TLC from mom smoothed over, and then Vicki, Deb, and I each carried Aza a little for the rest of the walk (it was less than a mile from that point). We certainly got plenty of attention with the quads!! It was funny to me how shocked everyone was, but Deb was obviously very used to it!

My feet were sore after the walk, but I felt pretty good and the only thing still a little sore are my hips! My arms hurt a little yesterday from carrying Aza too. I really need to start doing my P90X program again! Depending on when we're cycling again next, and Kenneth's training schedule, I am hoping to start it back up soon!

We all stopped for lunch at the Olive Garden on the way home, I was so hungry!! I love Olive Garden salad - that stuff is addicting... I was thrilled that when I got home the boys were both in a good mood and had a good day together! That evening we all went out and Kent got to use the riding mower for the first time, and Kenneth and I walked laps with him for a while until he got it, then we stayed in the yard with him while he got it more than half way done and I finished it. We had him on super slow speed and it was taking forever, poor guy looked like he was about to fall asleep! :)

The Dinner A'Fare meals have been such a blessing! Man it makes dinner easy to figure out! We had Steak Fajitas Saturday night, and a Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin last night, and I have an Argentinian Grilled Flank Steak in the fridge thawing for dinner tonight! Kenneth says I've been feeding him "too much pig"! :D I think only 3 of the dinners have been pork so far, but apparently its seemed like a lot - so he requested red meat tonight.

I wanted to work on my recipe book project so bad this weekend, but just ran out of time. It just felt like a good weekend to spend some time looking through my cooking magazines and pulling out the recipes I want and adding them to my collection. One of these days I'm going to take that book I've been piecing together and make it electronic - that will be awesome! I am such a recipe collector! Now I just need to make the time to actually try a few of them out... :D I was realizing with The Dinner A'Fare meals, I really won't need to cook that often at all - but I'm sure I'll take a month off from TDA every now and then. Or maybe I will just have to do my own home version every now and then, prepping and freezing items. It's so convenient, and makes me very glad we have that deep freezer. Except for fresh items, I could probably not grocery shop for 2-3 months at this point. The pantry and freezer are both very full. It is kind of a goal of mine to NOT grocery shop for at least the next 2 months except for milk, eggs, fresh fruit and veggies and see how much of a dent we make! :)

This weekend was just beautiful, the sun was shining and most of the time we had a good breeze, I hope it stays warm!


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