Post-Poning IUI Until May

Vicki and John got the Semen Analysis results back last night, the motility was good, but the count has dropped significantly in the last 21 months. The count is now borderline low at 10 million when it was 60 million before. They said their biggest concern is the reason for the drop, so they are going to do another S.A. next Friday and go from there, with more testing if necessary. John will probably go on some supplements as well. Vicki talked to Dr. H. this morning and she said he was actually very supportive and would like us to hold off on the IUI this month (he said he wants at least a 20 million count for an IUI cycle) and see how things look for May.

So, we take a month off! :) I am actually feeling totally calm and chill about it, I feel bad that John and Vicki are probably upset about this news, but I have nothing but faith and trust in my heart that we're going to work it out and they'll be on their way to a baby this year. Maybe it's knowing that IVF is a possibility is what takes the pressure off, I know that this isn't "it" even if John's count is low after a couple months, we have other alternatives and I know I will get to help John & Vicki build their family... and knowing that fills me with warm fuzzies!!! :)

Vicki sent me the most GORGEOUS bouquet yesterday!!

They are SO pretty, and smell phenomenal - and the vase is WAY TOO COOL!! After our discussion this morning about the SA results, I suggested we re-vase the flowers and put that giant margarita glass to GOOD USE on Saturday! :D (Or we'll just fill it with tea... hee hee!!)


  1. Rebekah-your optimism is so encouraging and I'm sure Vicki really appreciates it! They are very blessed to have such an awesome TS! I'm enjoying following your journey & I'm looking forward to seeing what helps John's sperm...we're going through a similar problem with my dh's sperm right now too. Good luck!


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