GS Journey #4 ~ Cycling Update!

So, after many, many months of all sorts of ups and downs an in betweens with this surrogacy journey, I can very, very excitedly say we have a calendar and cycling is just around the corner - 9 days away to be exact! That still means another 6ish weeks until transfer from now (I think, maybe more), but lupron starts on the 19th and then 2 weeks later I should get another period, and that will be the beginning of the estrogren and medication to prepare my uterus for embryo transfer.! I'm so excited!! Medication should arrive from Freedom Pharmacy tomorrow - that is Christmas Day for a surrogate. :)

My last update was towards the end of January and I thought everything was in good shape to be finalized and moving forward, but right after that post we were told that no, I actually had MORE labwork I had to have done... argghhh!! I had that blood draw done, and 6 days later we got the results that all was well and so THEN we were official and final, and I was finally able to stop BCPs and move on to cycling. My poor IPs have been so patient. I've never had medical clearance take SO LONG before.

In preparation for any IVF cycle I always totally stock up on HPTs - I typically buy about 5 or 6 Answer brand tests, and a LOT (like 25) OSOMs and a LOT MORE (like 50) of the cheapie skinny dipstick tests that I get online, typically on e-bay. I like to test, a lot, and often. I am also obsessed with watching the line get darker each day once I do see a positive test!

I was offered the chance to review some easy@Home HPTs and I figured the timing was perfect! I have added them to my stash, and can't wait to try them out! Their sensitivity is around 25 mIU (or approximately 10 DPO or equivalent if pregnant), but you can bet I'll be testing sooner then that... I have always had 3-day transfers before and always (despite good intentions every time) started testing at 3-days past transfer. That would be 1-day past a 5 day transfer, which is what this one will be, and I'm pretty sure I can wait more than 1-day past a transfer - maybe even three! :D

I can't wait to get this cycle started, and be one step closer to actually transferring. I have fingers, toes, and everything else crossed hoping all goes smoothly and well and that my lining cooperates, and the stars align for a little 5-day embryo to thaw perfectly, transfer to exactly the right spot, and make themselves cozy for the long haul!

*Full Disclosure: I received complimentary product from Early@Home for the purpose of review. I received no compensation for this post. All comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own.


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