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Glazed Meatloaf

This was a delicious tender meatloaf recipe we enjoyed recently! It made a lovely dinner with a side of roasted new potatoes and tender asparagus. There are a lot of components that add to the rich and full flavors of this dish, especially that sweet and spicy glaze that finishes it off.

We don't make meatloaf that often, but it always goes over well when we do! One of my favorite things about meatloaf is the leftovers. I think it really just needs a new name. Anything that ends in loaf can't help but get a bad reputation. Loaf. Don't say it too many times. If you get a craving for meatloaf give this one a try sometime! We definitely enjoyed it and I'll remember this one the next time I have a couple pounds of ground beef in the refrigerator and a craving for a meatloaf sandwich!

Glazed Meatloaf adapted from Cafe Delites


3 (large) slices bread, ripped up into 2-inch pieces
1/2 cup milk
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 medium onion, finely chopped
4 cloves g…

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