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Everything Bagel Buns

These rolls are delicious, and so versatile! I only put the bagel seasoning inside the buns, and not on top - but I really wanted to. My sister isn't the biggest "everything bagel seasoning" fan - so I opted to leave the flavor mild and just mix the TBS into the dough.

These came out so soft on the inside, with a lovely chew as well. They held up beautifully to burgers, BBQ sandwiches, and were great just eaten "as is". Cut them open, smear with some cream cheese, and add a fried egg for a delicious breakfast sandwich variation!

These keep well in a sealable container on the counter top for a few days to a week, or place in ziploc bags and freeze up to 3 months if desired.

There are not enough meals in the day to try these buns out all the different ways you can use them!

Burger bunHot Sandwich - BBQ with cheese, toasted ItalianCold Sandwich - ham & cheese, BLT, or ClubBreakfast Sandwich - toast the bread, smear with cream cheese, add fried egg and slice of…

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