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Ham and Cheese Croissant Casserole

If you happen to have some croissants around at your house, definitely give this delicious, tender breakfast casserole a try soon! We have had so many versions of breakfast casseroles and baked oatmeals lately at my house; they are WONDERFUL ways to use up odd leftovers, and have something new and cozy and quick on hand for everyone. They reheat well too - so we can enjoy them for at least a couple days. My son tends to eat breakfast earlier than everyone else, so it's nice to have something he can warm up and still have a real breakfast when he's ready to eat in the mornings. 

I loved everything about this tasty dish - it's so tender in the middle, those bits of crisped cheese and ham on top add wonderful texture and flavor. It's just good, hearty, stick to your ribs food! I used ham lunch meat since that's what I had on hand, you can use whatever ham you might have in your refrigerator. Same with the cheese - this is a mild base, so you can absolutely use pretty m…

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