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In the blink of an eye...

Three whole months have passed and I have not been here... I've thought about it, but not blogged!

Life has been moving at a lightning fast pace lately. I could probably point to a few different things, but I've just been a busy girl! I traveled to London for 5 days in mid-February, we've been to the Circus, 3 birthday parties, a new car purchase, park play time, Dave & Busters, finding fun new breakfast diners and French bakeries, 2 fantastic concerts, helping my lovely friend with LulaRoe, a few movies, lunch and dinner dates, and don't forget normal crazy 3 1/2 year old toddler life, and tons of doctor appointments for Kent... life has been good. Busy, and good.

And I cannot wait to see what the coming months bring! AND I have a TON of recipes I've been whipping up in my kitchen to share here! I've been having a little too much fun with the AllRecipes AllStars Faceless Recipes challenge this month. My refrigerator has been very, very full. But I have a l…

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