No Bake Cereal Bars for #OurFamilyTable

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Christie from A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures said: It's really not just for breakfast! Coating chicken with some cornflakes and oven frying is so good! Cereal milk is gaining popularity with baking. Then there's a multitude of cookies you can make with it. Get creative!

I love granola bars and cereal bars! They make fantastic quick on the go breakfasts, easy snacks, or even soothe a late night craving. Bars like this are a wonderful base that you can play around with and personalize - but it really doesn't get any easier than this. Stir a couple ingredients together, toss some cereal into it, press and let it set up. Mix in nuts / fruits, or add a couple different kinds of cereals. Change the peanut butter out for your preferred nut butter, and use maple syrup if you don't have agave! Tons of options, and a tasty sweet treat as the result. I like to keep ours in the freezer, because I find the texture is too soft to pick up and hold out of the refrigerator.

Cereal Isn't Just for Breakfast

No Bake Cereal Bars

2 cups dry cereal (such as Cheerios)
6 TBS peanut butter 
1 TBS Nutella (optional)
5 TBS agave nectar

  1. Spray a 2-quart baking dish with nonstick spray and set aside.
  2. Combine peanut butter, Nutella, and agave nectar in a large microwave safe bowl, and microwave about 50 seconds; until you can stir the mixture into a smooth silky sauce.
  3. Pour the cereal into the mixture and mix gently to evenly coat the cereal with the peanut butter sauce mixture.
  4. Spread cereal mixture into the prepared baking dish and press to evenly distribute. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes, or freeze if necessary to get the bars to firm up before slicing and serving. Store in refrigerator or freezer, depending on the texture you prefer!
Recipe adapted from The Big Man's World


  1. I love the idea of cereal bars. So many possibilities!!

  2. Totally loving these no bake cereal bars! I love Cherrios and peanut butter, win win!

  3. Yum! Love the flavors in these cereal bars!

  4. How fun! And I love the peanut butter in here--healthier than marshmallow and so tasty!

  5. The peanut butter and nutella combo sounds so delicous!


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