Single Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

This is so incredibly easy and yummy too! Freeze a peeled banana (pre-slice, or break / cut into slices after freezing). Throw the pieces into a good blender, turn it on and watch those solid frozen pieces melt and blend into soft serve creamy yumminess!

I love that this was baby safe too - since it was just banana me and Lindsey shared a little bowl. She didn't like the cold at first, but I think she was won over by the creaminess, and she loves banana! :)

I think this is best fresh, though you can freeze and serve up later too. I used very ripe frozen bananas so the flavor wasn't as good to me after it was re-frozen. The soft serve fresh from the blender was really good though.

You can also use different mix-ins, peanut butter, cocoa powder, stir in mini M&Ms or chocolate chips, etc. Have fun with this delicious and healthy alternative to ice cream!

If you want to see actual recipes see this post, or this post.

Lindsey was ready for sweet dreams in her Dora PJs - 1 week away from 8 months old!


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