Homemade Baby Food ~ Green Bean Puree



For homemade green beans for baby, make sure your beans are fresh - this can make a big taste difference as they can become very bitter when they're no longer fresh.
This puree doesn't get super smooth, it will have some texture with the skin and any strings that don't get removed prior to cooking / blending. It freezes well - I cooked up 2 lbs and got about  21 ounces of puree to freeze when I was done. Lindsey likes hers mixed with some baby oatmeal cereal and formula!
See Wholesome Baby Food for more info about this nutrient rich veggie for your little one.
Homemade Green Bean Puree
 1 - 2lbs fresh green beans, trimmed

  1. Place a steamer insert into a large pot, and fill with enough water to just reach the steamer basket (about 1 inch). Turn heat to high and cover with lid. When water is boiling, add prepared green beans to the steamer insert and cover - allow them to cook until very tender - about 10 to 15 minutes total. 
  2. Move cooked pieces to a blender to blend- allow to cool slightly before moving forward with blending. When blending, add cooking liquid to thin until you reach the desired consistency. You can push these through a thin colander / sieve to remove additional pieces of skin.

Sweet baby Lindsey is 7.5 months - this is the little happy face that greets me every morning! :)


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