Lindsey Rose is 8 Months Old




Lindsey's 8 month fun facts:

  • She is a movin' groovin' machine. She started crawling a couple days before she turned 8 months and has been on the GOGOGO ever since! 
  • She is pulling herself up onto her knees, and gets one foot on the floor but hasn't pushed off to stand yet - she's trying hard though.
  • She doesn't like anything that straps her in or down - making long car rides much fun. She'll tolerate her jumper and walker for short periods of time, but she'd rather be free to terrorize the house and puppies, thank you very much.
  • She loves her toy piano and often dances to her own music.
  • She still loves feet, dog feet, and shoes (and still puts them all in her mouth when the opportunity arises).
  • She finally seems to have gotten over the past month's cold / ear infection / runny nose since returning to daycare. Knock on all things wood.
  • Her top 2 teeth have just started breaking through, so she's currently a drool and snot factory.
  • She eats solids about 3 times a day and has tried a variety of fruits, veggies, and some proteins. We recently introduced pumpkin and she likes that a lot. She also seems to love peas, and she still really likes bananas.
  • She is still not a great sleeper or napper. At daycare she usually only gets about 2 30 minute naps because of all the stimulation. At night she's waking up about once now - usually between 1 - 3am for a 4-oz bottle then back to sleep until between 6 - 6:30 (I usually get her up around 6:10 on weekdays to head out for daycare).
  • She is a happy girl, and gives very sweet sloppy kisses. And sometimes she bites. That is not sweet.
  • When she is tired she smacks everything. We call her the whacky baby.
  • She has just started using "mama" and "dada" to refer to said mama or dada - especially when she wants me to pick her up or rescue her from something she'll use mama a lot.
  • She keeps us on her toes and we love her to pieces!


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