Easy Frozen Fruit Teether for Baby

 If you have a Nuby Nibbler, you can make super quick and easy natural fruit teether for your little one who has sore gums. Lindsey is in the midst of full blown teething so this has come in very handy - both a tasty treat and soothing to her sore little gums! (The Nibblers are great for any fresh foods you wan to introduce baby too, making sure there are no pieces too large that they will choke on, and gives them a chance to mash and munch on them and feel different textures too - they're a bit of a pain to clean, but we're really enjoying letting Lindsey learn about different foods through these!)

Instructions: Chop desired fruit into smallish pieces (so they will fit into the Nuby). Place in a freezer safe Ziplc bag and freeze at least a couple hours. Put a few pieces at a time in the Nuby and allow baby to gnaw away!

Warning: banana pieces get really slimy and make a lovely mess, so you can stick with apple, pear, peaches, etc. if you want less slimy fruits to clean up after.


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