15w4d Happy Memorial Day

Well this weekend hasn't exactly gone like I'd hoped, but that's ok. It's still a three day weekend and it turns out that's a very good thing because I am definitely sick. I woke up Saturday morning with a bunch of gunk  coating my throat and generally "not feeling well"; I've been running a low grade temp since then as well. I feel so tired and its making me crazy! I hate feeling like this so much, and I feel like there's nothing I can do to make it any better!

Last night I finally caved and took some sudafed and tylenol because I was feeling lousy. I think I slept ok, but I still feel totally out of it today.

We got some work done on the garage yesterday mid-day and then I was wiped after that. I tried not to over do it, but maybe I did anyway. I am glad we got something done, but hate if its contributed to me feeling lousy even longer.

I'm taking it easy today, again, but am tired of feeling so out of it and feeling like I'm accomplishing nothing in my entire 3-days off! At least I've managed to cook most every meal. We had biscuits & gravy for breakfast yesterday (well they boys did, I don't eat sausage gravy because I don't really like it) and made pancakes this morning. We grilled brats for lunch yesterday and I prepped ribs in the crock pot which are in the fridge now and will get finished on the grill and eaten for dinner tonight. We had leftovers for dinner last night and for lunch today. I made a huge batch of Sweet & Sour meatballs for Saturday evening; I think one of Kenneth's favorite things I make - it's a recipe from his mom.

I'm glad we're down to 1.5 more weeks 'til ultrasound day! I cannot wait to get in again and see how this little bean is growing and I'm praying soooo hard the previa has moved. I haven't had any spotting and no pain so I think those are all good signs. I've had a few fun "bumps" and nudges from baby the last couple days. I seem to be able to feel them the best when I first wake up and am on my back for a couple minutes with my hand on my belly. Just a couple minutes ago I got a couple little nudges low on the right hand side.

Kenneth is meeting with someone today who wanted to look at his truck that's for sale - fingers crossed it goes well! I'm ready to not have TWO old trucks sitting in my back yard - like I don't feel like enough of a redneck with one!! :p

Good bye May and Hello June! Can't believe another month has come and gone already!! We're just about half way through 2010!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Good luck on the sale of the truck. :)


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