11w4d - what a great weekend! :)

I am so excited to hit 12 weeks on Thursday - there is something somewhat "magical" about that number in a pregnancy. We have our nuchal screening and first OB the following week which is going to be very cool - I'm looking forward to those appointments!

I worked from home the first half of Friday and then we headed out towards Madison, GA in the early afternoon and got there I think around 4:00 in the afternoon. We got our dogs settled and ourselves settled and had dinner at 6:00 - definitely one of my favorite things about visiting Southern Cross; they feed you reallllly good there! :)

Saturday was a laid back day, we walked in the pastures with the horses some, watched a movie and some TV, rode bikes, walked the dogs and lounged quite a bit (and of course, ate really, really good)! Unfortunately, I ate too fast at breakfast which resulted in something getting stuck and me not feeling too well, and then again at lunch I think I overdid it on dessert and felt sick a lot of the early afternoon. I was pretty annoyed with myself, since it was my own fault and it put a damper on the day, but I still really enjoyed our visit and having that time for some r&r.

Getting to look out the window and see so much green - trees and rolling pastures, and then horses walking or trotting by - just made me completely happy. I missed getting to ride, but then again it was nice to not have a set schedule and really just get to hang out for the time we were there!

We enjoyed another yummy breakfast on Sunday morning and hung out in our room until check out time. Kenneth packed everything up and loaded up the car then we hung out in the common areas and watched some TV and played pool until lunch at 1:00. I took it really easy with what I ate since I knew we were going to be in the car for awhile and didn't want to make myself sick before our trip home! I ate a yummy fresh salad, some broiled potatoes, corn and some beets. They always had lots of great vegetable sides!

After lunch we walked the dogs one more time then hit the road. We met Ken & Donna in Woodstock and loaded Kent up too (poor kid was covered in dogs for the ride home)!

It was so HOT when we got back to the house - the humidity in the air was keeping things sticky and sweaty. So, eventually I begged for a/c and we turned our air on for the first time in forever last night. I am glad we did, because thunderstorms broke out around 1-2:00am in the morning and we already had all the windows shut. Max paced around and made noise for the rest of the night so we both only slept a little after that, sigh.

I checked in on baby bean with the doppler before going to bed last night and sent Lauren a quick check in to say everything had gone well, we were back safe and sound, and baby sounded great!

It was raining cats and dogs on the way in this morning, making traffic CRAZY - but it looks like the rain has stopped or at least really slowed down finally. There was flood warnings and watches all over the place - hopefully the roads will dry up a little before we all pile back on them to try to get home this evening! It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow. :)


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