14w5d - Cruising Right Along

Not too much to report today! I have been feeling more baby activity lately which is exciting! Nothing on a regular basis, but definitely more often. There was one point over the weekend where I felt all sorts of "swimming" sensations going on, like baby was doing water aerobics or something! And on Sunday morning I had woken up to a very distinct kick - that was the first time I actually felt something like a kick and not just a rolling sensation, so that was neat!

Been feeling pretty good! Still have off moments during the day from time to time. Allergies kick my butt every now and then (yesterday I had a massive sinus headache that lasted a couple hours until I finally gave in and took a dose of sudafed). Last night after dinner my stomach was in a ton of pain for some reason, something I ate made me bloat and that hurt REALLY bad. I never know for sure what causes those things when they happen, I am just glad its not happening as often as it was in the first trimester!

Almost to 15 weeks, and then 2 more weeks until our next ultrasound! Yay! I can't wait to hear if the previa has moved and most excitingly see if we can find out what L&N are having!! Woo hoo!! :D I am  very hopeful that the previa has moved, since I've not had any more of those aches I'd experienced a few times prior to that ultrasound very low, and still no bleeding which is great!

There's my belly pic from Sunday at 14w3d. I think I look almost exactly the same as 12 weeks, maybe even a little smaller but that is OK with me!! Baby is only 3-4 inches long, so I don't need to be growing too much yet! :)


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