13w5d Quick Check In

I have not been feeling too hot since Sunday, I stayed home from work yesterday to rest. I got a nice 3-hour nap and then lounged most the rest of the day. I can't really pinpoint something specific, I just don't feel very good. I'm exhausted, headachy and having congestion (that part I assume from allergies) and my stomach has been really sensitive and nauseated too. Hoping a couple more days of taking it easy will have me feeling back to "normal" again... I just feel like I'm really dragging the last couple days and want nothing more than my bed! I'm drinking lots of powerade and water to stay hydrated, my appetite hasn't been "normal" lately either. I get hungry sometimes and then the thought of eating makes my stomach churn. I feel like I'm back in the land of morning sickness or something. Hopefully I'll bounce back soon.

I am excited to be close to 14 weeks, one more week closer to feeling baby bean moving and finding out if s/he is a she or a he! :) June is going to be a busy month and I'm sure it will go quickly. I'm so looking forward to the pool at Kenneth's grandmother's being open again so we can go take advantage of that! Though I laid out in the sun just a little on Saturday and that made me feel pretty lousy, so I'm going to have to be careful about overheating. Hopefully if I stay in the cooler water and don't just sit straight in the sun I'll be ok. I just need to be aware of how I'm feeling and not push it when something feels off.

Well, lots to catch up on today since I wasn't at work yesterday so hopefully today will fly by quickly!


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