14w6d - Maruchan Induced Flash Back

When I was at the grocery store a week ago, baby informed me we needed Maruchan Instant Lunch cup-o-noodles...!?! So, being the good surro-mommy I am, I indulged the baby and bought a couple. I can't really remember the last time I ate these. Again, thinking my sodium is probably going to go through the roof soon!! (At least we try to balance out the sodium indulgences by eating cartons of strawberries and pounds of cherries on pretty much a weekly basis... that's my story and I'm sticking to it)!! In any event, I finished breakfast almost 3 hours ago and I have another couple hours until our Picnic Committee meeting with lunch from Jason's Deli (YUMMY veggie soup!!) and I knew I needed something to eat as my stomach was starting to chew on itself again. So cup o noodles it was! I heated it up and I'm sitting here and as I take that first (HOT) bite of noodles I had a flashback to 9th grade!!

For a short period of time I wasn't going to school before we moved to Africa and during that time I was hired to sort of baby-sit a kid just a couple years younger than me in the afternoons, after school until his dad got home (single dad). I did light housework - laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming - and not much else. Oh, I think I decorated their Christmas tree for them too! I don't know why, but the noodles took me right back to that house - I vaguely remember eating a cup o noodles at the house and feeling guilty about eating something out of their pantry. So, there you go, eat some noodles and have a wave of nostalgia from long ago and far away...

Last night for the second night in a row my stomach seized up after dinner with massive cramps and pain that lasted for hours. I was uncomfortable after lunch, but thought it was getting better, but after dinner I was in pain. I cannot figure out what it is that sets it off, but part of me is highly interested in the idea of going to a very boring/bland diet and seeing if that makes any difference. I'm beginning to think perhaps its beef related (we had steak tacos last night), but I'm not really sure yet. It helps me leave food alone though, that's for sure!!

I'm glad we're half way through the week and so excited to hit 15 weeks tomorrow! :) Can't wait for my BabyCenter e-mail! :)


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