13w1d - Happy FRIDAY!!

I'm so excited that its Friday! :) After having yesterday off I feel almost like I got a jump start on my weekend and am ready to head on home and enjoy a couple days off.

We have some plans for tomorrow - oil change, groceries, lunch date with Vicki and eye doctor appointments in the evening so Saturday will be more on the busy side but I'm sure we'll lounge in the morning and I am definitely planning to enjoy sleeping in!

Tonight will be an easy food night - we have lots of bits and pieces of randomness leftover from dinners the past week and so it'll be a microwave kind of night! :) I'm thinking Dinner A'Fare for tomorrow night since we have our eye doctor appointment so late - ohhh or better yet I still have some gift card money for Applebees... take out perhaps?! :)

I felt pretty off yesterday evening, maybe it was just too much excitement and running around, not sure, but I went to bed pretty early and fell asleep fast and have felt pretty good most of today. Minor stomach upset, but nothing major, so hopefully I'll feel fine tonight. I'm really thinking about a nice bubble bath... I haven't had a bath since before transfer back in February and I miss my baths!

I wore all maternity today - I think this is the first time I've worn a "real" maternity shirt that actually has ties in the back - its super cute though and goes nicely with the jeans I am wearing. I am just not comfy in my regular jeans anymore and even though maternity stuff is really too big still, I'm sure I'll be growing into it relatively quickly over the next few weeks! :)


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