12w3d - Happy Mother's Day

Today has been an... interesting day I guess! I woke up excited to use the Best Baby Gender test I'd received in the mail yesterday, so at about 7am I actually bounded (yes, almost literally) out of bed and peed in a cup (yet again), added the reagent and swirled the cup and watched to see what color would appear triumphant!! Blue/Green it was - so the Baby Gender test thinks L&N are having a GIRL! I sent "L" a picture and a note this morning and had sent her a link to a recording of baby bean's heart beat last night. She sent a note back and said IF would be excited to hear and asked how accurate the test was supposed to be. That is the question! According to Best Baby Gender's site (http://www.bestbabygender.com), they have a 100% accuracy rating after week 14 of the pregnacy. I tested at 12w3d, so we'll see if they're accurate for us or not!! (Fingers crossed the tech will take a peek on Thursday at the ultrasound)!

So, then I went back to sleep for awhile and was woken up around 9:30 with a delicious breakfast in bed. Hubby fixed an omelet, toast with my favorite blackberry jam, orange juice and cocoa w/ whipped cream! Mmm!! My two boys came and joined me while I ate. We took most of the day pretty easy, after showering I was feeling really sick for awhile and layed back down to see if resting would help my stomach settle. Eventually I felt ok, and came back out to the living room and we had some lunch and I stuck with chicken noodle soup and crackers. That seemed to go down ok. This afternoon I took Kent and we did grocery shopping and I picked up some tulips and a card for my mom. I still have her ashes on my dresser, so I set the flowers next to her. They are beautiful... tulips were her favorite. They always make me think of mom and Washington. I will fill out the card later, I don't think I'm ready just yet. I haven't cried too much today, I've been enjoying Mother's Day with my family and haven't reminisced too much. I've done a lot of that in the days leading up to today though, so I think I'm mostly cried out already...

It's about time to go fix some dinner, I'm looking forward to fixing a new recipe I stumbled across in my giant recipe binder last night! Kent and I picked up some fresh corn on the cob to go with it and I'm going to make homemade cornbread too - YUMMY!! I found a cornbread recipe on AllRecipes.com that is SO good - definitely my favorite I've made. (Grandmother's Buttermilk Cornbread.)

Here's me at 12w1d - some days I look more prego than others, and my tummy was fairly popped out when I took this picture - but it won't be too much longer before its like that all the time!! 


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