13w6d - Must have nuggets...

Ok, this baby and I are going to have to have a heart to heart if this craving keeps up. Dill pickles and McDonald's Chicken Nuggets smothered in Sweet & Sour Sauce?!?!?! My sodium level is going to go through the ROOF!! I keep craving them, all the time. Most of the time I do not give in, but last night I had to work late and didn't leave the office until about 6:00pm and by about 6:30 my stomach was gnawing on itself and making me crazy, and the only thing I could think about was sweet & sour sauce and chicken nuggets. So, I stopped and I got some, and ate them all.... mmm... they are evil. McDonald's is evil! I hate eating fast food!! Usually if I have to eat out, I'll stop at Subway and get a sandwich with lots of fresh veggies on it, and I don't feel quite so guilty, but there's nothing at McDonald's I can eat and not feel guilty about. So, here's hoping this crazy craving goes away soon, considering I've had it for well over a month now I don't have high hopes, but one can dream!

We're 14 weeks tomorrow - YAY!! And down to 3 weeks 'til our next ultrasound and seeing "L" again for our appointment. I'm so looking forward to that again! Fingers are extra crossed that "L" will get to find out if she's having a boy or a girl at this next appointment! :) I'm hoping we get a more experienced tech (and one who doesn't feel the need to bruise my stomach to try to convince the baby to move!) It will be nice to get the bloodwork done and be that much closer to getting screening results back. Staying hopeful and positive for great news from that!

Last night I found out our local Animal Shelter is having to close down for repairs and pest control, and they have to find homes for all of their animals by May 27th. It made me super sad, but I heard this morning they're doing well with adoptions and are down to less than 30 animals to find homes for. Kenneth and I will probably go by this weekend and have talked about bringing on maybe 1 more dog, even on a temporary basis (I honestly don't think I can handle any more animals!!! But I could definitely foster for a couple weeks) until the shelter re-opens, or we re-home them.



Animal Control Shelter to Close for Repairs -- All Adoptions $20 Beginning Thursday, May 13th

As often happens when large amounts of pet food are stored, the rats take advantage. The Paulding County Animal Control Shelter has been battling this problem for several months now and these critters have caused considerable damage.

Repeated exterminator attempts have only made things worse. The rats have now died in the ceilings. They have caused damaged wiring and an odor that can only be removed through drastic measures.

In approximately two to three weeks, construction crews will be coming in to replace ceilings, some walls and insulation. All pets must be relocated to allow for this repair.

The Animal Control Shelter will be using all means available to find homes for the pets currently housed through reduced adoption fees, rescue groups and other area animal controls.

Beginning Thursday, May 13th, all adoptions will be $20. This includes the microchip and all fixed pets. Requirements for spay/neuter will still apply on unfixed pets and will be strictly enforced.

Strays or owner turn-ins will not be accepted when construction begins. Calls will be handled at the discretion of the Marshal Bureau.

It is expected that the Shelter will be closed a minimum of two weeks during the construction.

(updated 5-14-10)

"The Paulding County Animal Control Shelter will be closing for repairs beginning Friday, May 28th. Adoptions will take place through that time. Intakes will cease on Friday, May 21st."
If you know anyone that might be able to help, or know a message board, etc. to spread the word, please do. I'd love to know all of those babies found a home or temporary place to stay and none have to be put down just because the shelter needs to close for a couple weeks!! Here's hoping!!


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