12w5d - Happy Tuesday! :)

 I am starving and need to go warm up breakfast so I will make this a short one, but felt like popping in this morning with a quick update. I am feeling pretty good the last couple days! I enjoyed making dinner last night (and snuck in meatless meatballs into our "meatball subs" - shhh... don't tell my boys!! :D ) It's been fun to cook again and be in the kitchen more, to have energy for that. Though I'm still plenty tired overall. I wake up wishing I could get just 1 more hour of sleep. I didn't sleep all that well last night, but did have some more crazy vivid dreams! This time I was at Great Wolf Lodge with a co-worker and her family. Very odd. Did make me want to go back to GWL though! We had such a nice time there, I could stay in the water park all day long! :) I'm hoping to convince Kenneth that's a good family destination next summer. I really want to be able to ride the waterslides so I'll have to wait 'til this little one is born and safe and sound with his/her mommy and daddy before going back to GWL! :)

I was a little anxious this morning to make sure baby bean still sounded good - so I "spied" on him/her with the doppler very briefly and had no trouble finding that gorgeous heartbeat today! YAY! Made me very happy, and as always a beautiful way to start the day! Heartrate was in the high 150's. Definitely seems to vary - though it could be the doppler I bought too. I can't wait to for our ultrasound on Thursday! I'm SO excited for it!! I can't wait to hear this little one looks great. :) Every week into the pregnancy I am more awed and feel that much more blessed at how well things are going. Still have to pinch myself sometimes!

Off to warm up my breakfast and have a great day! :)


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