6/15/20 ~ Weekly Meal Plan

We've reached the mid-point of the month! We ate our way through everything on the list from last week, except for a couple of the "to bake" items; I made a few things we weren't planning on (as usual) to use up a few odds and ends in the refrigerator and pantry too. This week I need to get creative with some leftover tarter sauce and tzatziki sauce in the fridge! I'll be spending some time googling later for ideas for those ones!

This week we have some goat cheese to use up and I picked up a loaf of sourdough at the Farmer's Market so we decided to try a take on crack bread with the goat cheese - I'm pretty excited about that one (and steaks!) I've had this biryani on my to-make list for awhile for an upcoming #FishFridayFoodies event, and can't wait to see how that one comes out!

I've pushed the madeleine cookies and creme brulee off for quite awhile - we'll see if this week they actually get made!

Crack Bread w/ Goat Cheese

Seafood Biryani

French Onion Soup

Cheesy Southwestern Chicken Casserole

Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs
Best Ever Succotash
Yeast Raised Angel Biscuits

Baking this week:
Sandwich Rolls 
Lemon Curd Filled Madeleine Cookies
Classic Crème Brulee


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