Meet the Foster Puppies!!

Meet the Foster Puppies!! These are the 4 uber-cute boxer mix puppies that joined us on Monday to be fostered for about 3-4 weeks. They were 6 weeks when we got them and will be neutered at 8 weeks and then made available for adoption! The group that we are fostering for is Rotts N Pups (so if you think these sweeties are too cute to pass up, keep checking their website until they're available - or even better browse through the many other sweet dogs and puppies needing homes and ready for adoption now)!

These little guys are sooo cute. They are total bundles of energy and we try to take them all out for lots of play breaks throughout the day, so they can run around the big yard, chew on each other, tackle each other and get some good exercise! The hopes is that they will wear themselves out throughout the day and then get good naps and sleep good at night! They've actually been doing really well most nights so far - we put them to "bed" in the big crate around 9:00-9:30 and then let them out around 6:00 usually for their first morning romp and potty break along with breakfast.

Rossi and Morgan are the two vocal ones of the group - they whine and yip the most when they want attention and feel they are being deprived (which is about any moment a human isn't paying them some form of direct attention!) Reed is the super cute little trouble maker! He looks the most "boxer like" of the group to me but LOVES to jump in and nip at someone then run away, or tackle them when they're not looking. He likes to hide in the tall grass under the play fort and ambush the others!! He will whine for attention, but of the puppies seems the most content to just play with other dogs and doesn't seem to "need" people as much though he's very sweet with kisses when you pick him up! Hotch is my favorite! :) He has the most mellow and people loving personality of the puppies, he will just lay in your arms and loves to be stroked and gives super gentle sweet puppy kisses. He's stolen my heart completely! :)

Here's Reed!

Here's Morgan (he has a very unique and beautiful dark brown coat)!

Here's Rossi

Here's Hotch!

And here's what they do best!!

We can't wait to see them get to go to loving forever families when it's time - they are going to make WONDERFUL pets!!


  1. And love the names, as I love "Criminal Minds." These little guys are precious.

  2. AAWWW yes that is how they are I am so glad they are doing great I miss them so much. But glad to see they are going to get a great new home with a loving mommie and daddy..


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