7dp3dt Quick Check In

In an effort to continue noting everything that I'm feeling each day I wanted to make a quick post for today as well! Still feeling nauseated off and on, with the lovely watering mouth. Pretty tired which started yesterday afternoon. Today I had a tiny bit of spotting and have had some low tugging cramps on the right. It would be AWESOME if that was somehow related to implantation, but I honestly have NO clue what's going on right now. Could all just be directly related to the meds I'm on. It's weird to have this much cramping like this today. I've had a little off and on since transfer, but this feels new and different than the past few days. I know I had cramping with my negative cycle too but don't remember it lasting this long... I know only time will tell, but it makes me extremely curious and HOPEFUL! :) I am also alternating between things grossing me out and being starving at the moment...

I will test again this evening, but the one from this AM was still negative... I admit I'm bummed. Not giving up at all yet, and I'm still holding out hope for this little fighter! I really hope they are going to stick around for us!! Fingers and toes are staying crossed! :)

Progesterone injections are going well so far, knock on wood!! No new painful spots or lumps - I try to let the oil heat at LEAST 10 minutes and that seems to be helping a lot. It feels hot going in sometimes, but I don't even have residual injection pain during the day anymore (hardly, knock on wood)! :) I actually had to just order a refill - I discovered one bottle is only good for 10 doses, which I would have known had I done the match, but it surprised me when I ran out and had to start on my 2nd bottle the other day!

I have been delinquent in getting up a new recipe post or two - I have several ready to go, but need to get the pictures uploaded! I'm hoping I can make some progress on that this evening. The puppies have been keeping us busy! They are major attention hounds, they want to be with someone all the time - sweet little guys!


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