Food Blogging "Piracy"

I have had an educational afternoon!! Here are some of the articles I've read:

Recipe Attribution 

Could your recipe posts be considered 'piracy'? Posted in Creating Content Post by Matt Frazier

After reading through these and trying to figure out exactly what that means for me, essentially I have come to the conclusion that it IS legally and ethically ok to repost the list of ingredients (with an acknowledgement to the source) but reposting directions verbatim is the "no-no" and directions should be written from the blogger in their own words on how they prepared the dish.

So, thinking I could just hop on blogger and copy out recipes I've enjoyed with any tweaks I made along the way and just linking back to the source is apparently not enough... I feel like all of this makes something that should be uncomplicated more complicated and I cannot for the life of me understand why if something is available on the Internet and you link back to it to give credit where it's due why it should be unethical or illegal to re-post something... but so be it! Apparently it is... so... I guess I will have to modify the way I've been approaching posting recipes from here on out and just write out the instructions in my own words unless I've verified I have permission to repost... off to send some e-mails!! :)


  1. Well that just sucks. I hope you don't share less recipes because of this.

  2. I don't think it will affect the recipe sharing too much - I think I just have to alter the WAY I've been posting and make sure to not copy and paste directions, but instead write them out myself, in my own words... at least that is what I got out of reading all of those articles!! They made my head spin a little... :)

  3. What Dalia said - I love reading them and I don't even cook! Good luck deciphering the rules... looking forward to seeing the new and improved method ;)


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