I wish I had something wonderful and amazing to report today - I wish it soooo much! But the HPTs are still negative today... I tested with Answer brand about an hour ago and there's no line... I will probably test one more time tomorrow AM JUST in case... but as of right now it's not looking all that hopeful. Of course anything is possible but I am trying to be realistic with myself too even though I MUCH prefer hopeful! :) I am still hoping for a late implanter that is just trying to stress us out a little! :)

I'm still having the fluctuating temps (was 99.1 last night), some queasiness and today's cramps are that heavy, bloated feeling. I guess the meds really can completely imitate pregnancy... so not cool!! :)

I am glad it's Friday and I'm ready to head home and spend an evening with puppies and my boys. Tomorrow is the company picnic at Lake Lanier! I'm looking forward to taking some good pictures and hopefully enjoying some NICE weather. Fingers crossed it won't be too awfully hot! We were there 2 years ago and it was breezy and cool that day - so I guess I'll take hot over cold; at least we can hang out in the shade of the Pavilion and sip water or tea or lemonade if it's too bad. We opted for the "entertainment package" this year, so we'll have a D.J., moonwalk for the kids and a clown/facepainter too! I'm excited and know it will be a fun day for everyone. Kenneth isn't going to be able to go just yet, so we'll save our Beach & WaterPark tickets for another day when hopefully he'll be feeling up to it before it's time for him to head out to Kansas City. He touched base with the contact for the job he's been hoping to take when he's healed up today to give them an update on his 2-week post op and was told they could have him in the mid-July course if he's ready. I'm hoping and praying he will be, but I know he needs to make sure he's up to it and feeling fully healed before he heads out. I hope the next couple weeks bring LOTS of healing! :)


  1. I am PRAYING for you SO HARD!!! It isn't over yet!

  2. Its just a late bloomer! My fingers are crossed for you! :) looking forward to that BFP.


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