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Ultrasound was AWESOME!!! We have one sweet little "easter egg" baking and looking just perfect! Baby measured right on track at exactly 7w0d and had a nice steady heart rate (the ultrasound tech didn't tell us the bpm, just said it was nice and steady and over 100bpm).

L was with me and got to see everything on the screen and I got to see some when the u/s tech turned it towards my head so I could see the heartbeat and see her taking some of the measurements. Listening to the BEAUTIFUL little early heartbeat was precious!! Love that sound! :)


It was a great, great ultrasound and I am all smiles! Meeting with the RE after was great too - he is SO excited for my IPs. He has been anxious about their chances of success and you can tell he really cares and is really thrilled for them! Their whole staff is so awesome and very caring.

We got our next u/s scheduled for Thursday 4/15 at 9:00 am, and my meds protocol changes now too. Tonight is my last PIO injection and I switch over to progesterone suppositories tomorrow (am/pm). I stay on estrace through the 7th then stop and go in on the 9th for labwork to see how my levels look and see if I need to stay on it a little longer. I'll only be 8 weeks at that point, seems a little early, but maybe there is more concern with the progesterone levels then estrogen levels? Not really sure!

I learned something new today too! L and I were talking about the yolk sac and the placenta and what does what at what point so I searched it and discovered:
The yolk sac is not part of the placenta (which forms at around 11 weeks gestation). As the embryo develops, the single-layer ectoderm differentiates into a two layered plate. Endodermal cells appear beneath the ectoderm on the side toward the center of the blastocele. The endoderm forms the roof of the yok sac in the same way that the ectodermal disk forms the floor of the amnionic sac. The rest of the yolk sac wall consists of mesoblast. The yolk sac is never functional and does not grow larger than 1-1.5cm in diameter. The fluid within the yok sac soon disappears and the sac atrophies during the fourth month of pregnancy. It persists as a barely recognizable fibrous strand within the umbilical cord.

So there you have it!! That is what I learned today. It has nothing to do with the placenta - it's just food until the placenta forms and takes over.

Ok, back to reality for the rest of the day!


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