7w4d - Happy Easter! :)

What a fun and busy weekend it was! I took Friday off, did some work from home in the morning and then we got ready to head out and ran some errands. We had lunch at Ted's Montana Grill and walked around The Avenues a little and came back in the early afternoon and I honestly can't remember what else happened on Friday afternoon/evening! :)

Saturday was another busy day - beautiful weather! We drove up to Jasper in the morning to look at a Bronco Kenneth was interested in, stopped in and visited his parent's since we were so close by, grabbed lunch around 1:00 and headed home. I was feeling pretty lousy, we didn't get breakfast until 11:00 (we'd intended to get Chick Fil A but got a late start, and they weren't serving breakfast anymore when we got there, so we went and got donuts instead. Nothing but sugar on an empty, unhappy, prego stomach didn't go over so well). Eventually we were on our way home and we picked up our ham for Easter on the way back and enjoyed our evening. Kenneth and I served at church for the 5:00 service, watching one of the 2 year old rooms. We only had 4 kiddos, so it was a quiet hour, and fun! :) We attended the 7:00 service afterwards.

On Sunday we served again at the 9:00 service and had 10 girls, most of who were part of the "regular" crew we usually have. They had a good time, and it was a fun morning. I had a really hard time getting going that morning. I hadn't slept well the night before and was feeling really lousy. But I am glad I got up and that we went.

I put Kent's Easter Basket out in the morning before he came out, but I didn't really get to see him enjoy that much, since we went straight to church then came back and made our lunch (ham, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese and a "Honey Bunny" my IM had given me from Great Harvest - super cute and their bread is SOOO YUMMY)! :) It was a great lunch! I went and layed down as soon as we were done eating. The boys cleaned up and Kenneth ran Kent over to his grandmother's, where Kent will be spending most of Spring Break.

When Kenneth got back, we left the house around 2:30 and headed back to Jasper to pick up the truck (they guy we bought it from needed time to go over and get the top put back on it, which was at his friend's house). We drove that home, did a little grocery shopping (I needed more FRUIT!!!) and then had a laid back evening. We watched "Get Smart" from Netflix - super cute movie! :D

The weekend sure has flown by!! I am feeling ok today, not great though. My stomach has been uneasy all morning. I discovered last night I had no saltines in the house when I went to eat some and the ones we have are old... Yucky! It's about lunch time and I'm debating between noodles and oatmeal. I think I need something gentle today!

Hopefully by this evening my stomach will let me eat a real meal so I can enjoy Easter leftovers! Yummy! :)


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