8w5d today! Count down to our next ultrasound!

It's Tuesday morning!! Only 48 more hours to go until I'll be back on the table waiting to hear baby bean looks beautiful!! :) I am SO excited and yes nervous again too, but I can't help it. :) I think both my IPs will be there this time which is awesome so I hope this little one is ready to put on a nice show for mommy and daddy!!

I've had several days of feeling just lousy lately! I don't know what it is, or what makes it worse - it just is what it is. I found lemon drops and BBQ corn nuts at Publix yesterday FINALLY (I've been searching at Target, Wal Mart and Kroger and hadn't been able to find either)!! I was so excited! I sucked on lemon drops yesterday afternoon and it helped take the edge off, but then I think when I stopped the sugar kicked in and made me feel cruddy again. Sweets do NOT seem to be agreeing with me at all.

I've also discovered I have a heightened sense to salt!! It's SO weird!! I made this YUMMY ham & bean soup with our easter ham bone and Kent and I had some for dinner last night (Kenneth had other leftovers) and it was SO salty to me but Kent gobbled it up and said it was AWESOME!! So I'm going to try watering it down a little bit next time I have some. The flavor and content of it is SO good - chock full of yummy beans and veggies, it was just salty!

This morning I was so hungry all the way in to work, so when I got here I fixed myself a big bowl of Kix and almond milk and then within a half hour I was feeling really sick, which sometimes happens when I drink dairy milk, but I've never had it happen with almond milk. That was VERY odd. But I went and laid down for a little while until my stomach started feeling better. I almost always feel better as soon as I lay down, which is good - just wish I could stay laying down more often! :D

It's only Tuesday AM and I'm already longing for Friday evening and Saturday morning sleeping in!! We have the March for Babies this weekend, so I'm going to be TIRED after that!


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