9w1d OB Confirmation Appt today!

This morning was my OB Confirmation appointment. I've been a little leery to schedule it prior to our ultrasound yesterday, but once we had that done and saw baby bean looks just PERFECT I called and got in quickly.

I updated my paperwork with them and then went back and gave a urine sample for a pregnancy test, stood on the scale (my FAVORITE part! :p ) and they took my blood pressure (110 / 60) and then I went back to a room and chatted with the nurse for a minute and then waited for Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee is the one who delivered my surrogate baby in July 2007, I cannot believe its been nearly THREE years since then! Holy heck!! In any event, he didn't remember me but that's ok! :D I explained this is another surrogate pregnancy and gave him the details on our ultrasounds and due date, we also briefly went over my health and pregnancy history (I just love being asked if I'm a smoker or a drinker and if I have a history of STD's - yes I am a GESTATIONAL SURROGATE and have a crappy health history?!!) Ok fine, I know he has to ask, but it still seems silly.

He did a PAP Smear, took a couple cultures to check for STDs and did an internal check and said everything feels right for 9 weeks. So all is well there. I got signed up for the "OB Class" on Thursday the 22nd where the midwives go over the basics, you fill out paperwork and get told about testing options and the hospital, etc. I vaguely remember it from last time; I mostly remember I got a notebook that had pre-registration paperwork for the hospital and some nice "to-do" lists/reminders in it which was helpful.

My "First OB" appointment will be May 13th, right at 13 weeks. It will work out that I'll have bi-weekly appointments all through my first trimester and then they'll start at the OB's office for the 2nd trimester after that May 13th appointment! :)

I am tired and glad it's Friday. Kenneth got home late last night so I ended up doing some chores and staying up a little later then I normally would have which has me feeling extra sleepy this morning. I am glad its almost 1:00 already - it will be time to head home before I know it! Now to stay busy for the afternoon! I will start by hunting down some lunch!! :)


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