9w6d - Hungry...

The nausea truly seems to be on the way out (knocking on wood and praying baby bean is still very happy and comfy in there!!) So the last two days without a super upset stomach to keep the rumbling at bay I've found myself STARVING! I ate lunch pretty much twice yesterday and then again today - I tried to make them "lighter" lunches so it wouldn't add up TOO much, but still!! That is ridiculous! I'm going to have to find an alternative to all day eating to satisfy the angry rumbling in my stomach!! I can't believe how I can be so sick just a couple days ago to so all about food now! Yikes!!

On a completely different note I am ecstatic to hit our 10 week mark tomorrow and then start the next 1 week count down to our 11 week ultrasound!! Yay!! :D


  1. So exciting to have a new little person on the way! Always better to be hungry than nauseated!

  2. I'm so jealous . . . . I'm 12 weeks and still totally nauseous and tired. Not sure if it's the twin thing but I'm ready for the second trimester "honeymoon" period.

    You're doing great!!!


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