It was a weird sort of weekend. I felt really, really "off" all weekend and that made it pretty hard to have any sort of "get up and go" at ALL! I had some crampiness late last week on a couple different days which dind't REALLY worry me, but following that with feeling sick most of the weekend did. I had an off and on low grade temp, a lot of stomach upset, and felt very physically drained along with quite a bit of light headedness. Still not sure what was really going on, but I seem to be doing ok so far today and I got to start my day by listening to the baby's heartbeat on my doppler so that was VERY reassuring that s/he is doing JUST fine regardless of whatever is going on with me!! :)

I am glad we have our ultrasound coming up this Thursday! Can't WAIT to see how the little bean is growing and to see my IPs again too! :)

So in any event, we took it pretty easy on Saturday, I slept in really late, but eventually we did decide to at least get one "to-do" item crossed off the never ending list and we got Kent's room re-done. We had him take all of the toys he doesn't play with anymore down stairs, and then we disassembled his bunkbed and completely re-arranged his room! It is much more a "big boy" room now with the bed on the ground level and more organized/cleaned out with all the purging we did. It looks much better and he is happy with it!! :) We realized on Sunday that the only potential problem is now Sadie (our Rottweiler who sleeps in his room can now reach his face to lick him and wake him up in the mornings)! :D I was glad we got something accomplished!

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. I had major stomach upset all night long that kept me up - Kenneth ended up running to the store at 6:00am to get me some Mylanta to see if that would help. It did, thankfully, and I was able to get some sleep. It was a pretty day and we went to lunch at Stevi B's (I had been craving the cinnamon apple dessert pizza!) and went to Sam's Club to stock up on a few things. I napped for a little while when we got home and we spent most of the evening watching movies and a couple TV shows. Kenneth and I made some YUMMY tacos for dinner and not long after that it was bed time! I love doing "double decker" tacos - I use the small flour tortillas along with the little hard taco shells together. I heat them both, then put some Queso cheese sauce on the flour taco shell and wrap that around the crunchy taco shell and then fill it up with meat, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and salsa! YUMMY!! I can't wait for some leftovers tonight! :)

Time to get busy and get some things accomplished and hope the day flys by!!


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