10w6d - ultrasound tomorrow!

I am exhausted and woke up with a low grade fever again this morning. I don't like feeling like this and it makes me nervous and I am glad we have an ultrasound tomorrow so I can see that baby is ok. I am sure it's just my body having some issues, but I worry about the baby whenever something is off with me. I tried to listen in this morning with the doppler and couldn't find the right spot which didn't make me very happy either. The doppler picked up a heart rate higher than mine several times, but I couldn't "hear" the baby myself. I will try again sometime today - I want that reassurance that everything is fine, especially before we go in for ultrasound tomorrow! I think part of the nervousness is having come off progesterone now, I just want to KNOW everything is fine and I can go on my weekend trip with nothing to worry about!! :)

I am so glad its almost Thursday and then I am done with work for the week and get to go take it totally easy for a couple days. I can't wait to sleep in and let someone else cook me yummy food and spend lazy days at the pool and with the horses.

Hoping today passes quickly and uneventfully and I can go home and crash a little this afternoon! We were all tired and went to bed early last night, which was nice, but I didn't sleep well at all and tossed and turned a lot and got up twice to use the bathroom. I couldn't find a good temperature - I was too hot or too cold and kept fidgeting with the covers. A nap sounds realllly good!


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