7w6d - Last Day of Estrace! :)

I have two more estrace tablets to take and then I'm done!! I have to do a blood draw on Friday AM to make sure my levels are ok, but I might really be DONE with one of my meds!! YAY!!

The progesterone suppositories are making me a little nervous since you get so much "leakage" after insertion during the day and they are messy and I keep wondering if I'm absorbing enough to have good levels! I think I am going to start using Instead Cups in the AM to make sure the suppository stays where it should be and has plenty of time to absorb - hopefully that will ease my mind a little.

I had a very small episode of spotting yesterday mid-day and it freaked me out a little, but it was very small and it never came back (knock on wood) so I'm hoping it was just one of those isolated "things" and it doesn't mean anything. I KNOW spotting is common in IVF, and I also know I've just switched to suppositories and was told by the nurses spotting is very common on them, but it's really not that reassuring!!

This week feels like its going slowly... not sure why - maybe because Kent is staying with his Great Grandmother so our routine is all wonky! I miss him, but its nice to have some extra quiet time in the evenings and not be so rushed in the morning to make sure he's taking care of everything he has to do and get myself ready too.

Last night Kenneth and I went to dinner with Vicki at Texas Roadhouse. YUMMY!! I LOVE their food. I think I could happily eat there every week. :) I got a house salad with ranch and ate 3 of their rolls with cinnamon butter. Their rolls (well, really the butter) is amazing!! Soooo good!! And totally hit the spot. I felt queasy in the car ride home, but that was about it, other than that it settled ok. :)

And now its time for some yummy lunch!! I'm going to heat up a Pad Thai noodle bowl and hope the baby thinks it tastes good! :)


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