7w5d - Feeling Yucky

Yesterday, and it seems like I'm getting a repeat today, I have been feeling just icky. I've felt ok when I wake up energy wise, but it seems like from the minute my feet hit the floor I am queasy. I was hoping maybe it was just a bad day yesterday but today has been just as bad so far.

Nothing sounds good, and I haven't been that hungry but I tried to eat my 3 meals yesterday and spent a good 30 minutes after eating lunch trying to convince my stomach to let it stay down. I am almost positive at this point if I hadn't had gastric bypass surgery all those years ago I would definitely be throwing up a LOT at this point, but since my stomach pouch is small and the food doesn't stay in there long, it just makes me feel sick but can't really come back up. (TMI? Sorry!! :D )

Last night I ran a couple errands then went home and plopped on the couch. It is so nice and warm now - I threw windows open and turned on the attic fan and rested a little until Kenneth got back too. We warmed up leftovers for dinner, I just nibbled off his plate a little and ate a handful of Ritz crackers which seemed to settle ok.

This morning I have eaten a banana over an hour ago and it is still making me want to throw up. I guess I should sip some water or gingerale. I am not "miserable" yet, and am glad I can still keep my food down, but I am definitely feeling very lousy and sick these past couple days. In many ways it is reassuring to think the baby must be doing great if I continue to have days that are worse then others and I just hold onto that reassurance instead of focusing on feeling poorly.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow being my last day on Estrogen and then our 8 week mark on Thursday! That is exciting!! Then the one week count down to our next ultrasound and then getting released!! So many big things happening in the next couple weeks! I can't wait!


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