9w4d - Tired...

We had a relatively quiet weekend but I've been tossing and turning the last few nights and wake up almost as tired as I go to bed!

Yesterday we met Robin at Outback for lunch, and I really enjoyed my food until about 15 minutes after leaving the restaurant I ended up loosing about half of it. :( I was not happy about that, but at least it only happens a couple times a week, not every day!

I am pretty crampy today, not big painful ones, just lots of little twinges. Hopefully its baby just making him/herself comfortable and my uterus growing a little bit. My belly button was really sore yesterday and I could feel my uterus just above my pubic bone which was kind of cool. That was the first time I was SURE I was feeling uterus.

Desserts are being crossed off my able to eat list. I've gotten sick to my stomach several times recently when eating sweets, but on Saturday I had a small brownie at lunch and was bloated and in pain until bed time. That was the last straw for me, if baby wants to eat healthier so be it! :D I can handle that, and if it means avoiding massive stomach pains I am ALL for it!! I've actually lost a couple pounds as of this weekend, back to about the lowest I've been in awhile and I'm still eating a well balanced diet with lots of good fruits, veggies, and protein so that was good news for me. I think it is a lot easier for my body to stay at a healthier weight when I leave the sweets alone. I usually am fairly limited on how much "junk" I can eat anyway because of my gastric bypass, but I am WAY more sensitive right now then I've ever been before. I told my IM I'll be stocking up on baby carrots, strawberries and apples thanks to her little bean's taste preferences! :D

Hopefully it will be a busy week and time will pass quickly, we have our admin lunch out on Thursday at Ray's on the River which will be really nice! I always enjoy those outings! That evening is my OB Class which will be good too, I'm trying to convince Kenneth to come with me. :)

I can't believe I'll be DONE with progesterone after this weekend!! So cool!! :D


  1. One of my favorite milestones in surrogacy . . . the ending of the injections.

    I'm right there with you on the tired thing- this journey is kicking my butt so far :)


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