Surrogacy Cycle - Round 2!!

Happy dance time - we have a tentative calendar! It's a MIRACLE!! Feels like an eternity since our last canceled cycle in Sept/Oct. I am so happy that we have a general time frame again and can start counting down.

Lupron starts on January 25th and then the rest depends on my cycle after that, but general (guesstimated) time frame is estrogen around Feb. 8th, IM's meds around Valentine's Day and early March transfer.

John, Vicki a couple of their friends and I had already planned a Gatlinburg snow tubing trip for Feb 18-21st but the clinic and my IM said that should be totally fine and it shouldn't interfere with our schedule at all which was good to hear. Things can change, of course, but it should be ok. I would be bummed if I had to miss out!

I can't believe I get to start injectables in about 2.5 more weeks... WOW!! Oh the joys of fake hormones - bring it on!

Today we had a snow day! We didn't actually get that much snow, but enough of a dusting with cold temperatures to freeze everywhere and make the roads hazardous. So the schools were closed down and there was no way I was risking driving an hour to and from work on the roads so Kent and I were home bound and had a nice day together. He wasn't feeling so hot so he rested and napped quite a bit, and I let him watch some TV in the afternoon.

I spent some time baking a new cookie recipe and then risked a trip out to the grocery store around 2:30 when I figured most of the ice was melted. I slipped down my driveway (which hadn't melted) a little - but it wasn't far and nothing was hurt. The rest of the trip was uneventful and people were being very careful anywhere the road looked wet which was good! I grabbed a few grocery items and made it back home. I fixed "Healing Cabbage Soup" from All Recipes for dinner and it was SO awesomely yummy! Lots of great fresh vegetables (I added more than the recipe called for), and I fixed a grilled cheese sandwich to go with the soup for Kent. He loved it! My often times picky child when it comes to new things loved it. That just made my whole day!

The cookies I baked are awesome too - good thing I made them small, I think I've already had like 5 today... !!! Yikes!! This is why I need to give some away, and soon! :)

Tomorrow night I'm looking forward to fight night at Alpha where Kent trains for jiu jitsu. He on the other hand isn't nearly as excited, but I'm hoping once he goes and sees what its all about he'll look forward to going again. It's amateur so they have a lot of limitations on what they can do, and it's not supposed to be all that violent.

I guess that's it for today! I think I might soak in a tub for a little before putting on some warm pajamas and crashing for the evening. :)


  1. I still think it's amazing that you're willing and happy to help another family; I myself can't stand being pregnant.

    So, for that reason, help yourself to 5 more cookies ;)


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