Fiona is 2 1/2!!

How AMAZING is that??! My sweet surro babe is 2 1/2 years old already! My wonderful FIM "I" called yesterday while Kent and I were at jiu jitsu just to say hi and she wanted to acknowledge that special day (since it was officially yesterday) and let me talk to Fiona for a minute. She has the cutest voice!! :)

"I" called again today and we caught up a little - it's been awhile since she and I spoke so she didn't know Kenneth was deployed or that my mom had passed 2 months ago. While we were talking I got to hear Fiona chattering and singing in the background - SO cute!!

She extended an invitation again to come up for a weekend and I so want to take her up on it! So much depends on this cycle and if we're successful and if transfer actually happens so I couldn't commit to anything, but we will play it by ear and see how things go. It is AWESOME to feel welcome and just to have that invitation, that means so much to me!!

I haven't gotten to see pictures of Fiona in awhile, but "I" was telling me their camera broke and she hasn't decided on repair or replace yet, but maybe I will get to see her in person myself soon enough! :) She is such a cutie, I can only imagine how much she has grown!!

I am so thankful for my FIPs, that they have stayed in touch over the last couple years and continue to make me feel welcome in their lives. What a blessing!


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